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"never let it be said that to dream is a waste of one's time, for dreams are realities in waiting. In dreams, we plant the seeds of our future"

BE. Essential Oils Classes

I believe for us to go out and take GREAT ACTION in the world and really MAKE OUR DREAMS come true - we must first take care of the fundamentals of life.

I will teach you how I use Essential Oils to support my health, both physical and mental. You will get to try some of the most potent and pure essential oils and learn how you can use them for SO MANY uses around the home for your first aid needs, emotional wellbeing, and to replace all your synthetic beauty and cleaning products.

There is an opportunity for you to become part of our Essentialists Community - where we teach you how to buy (at the best price) and use your Essential Oils to transform your families overall wellbeing. 

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DO. Business Mentoring

I have the capacity to pour my time, energy and resources into someone that meets the below criteria: 

  1. Visionary Leaders
  2. Resilient, determined and willing to work
  3. Experience running your own business
  4. You have influence in your community
  5. Passionate about natural health
  6. Wanting to build a legacy business 
  7. Ready to amplify your impact 
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HAVE. Leadership Breakfast

Thursday Evenings are dedicated to building The Essentialists team skills. This is the time you can connect with us and decide if you want to upgrade from a wholesale customer to a Wellness Advocate and commit to a life of learning and serving in the wellness community. 

This is for Active Builders only and there is a set of criteria to gain access to this group. Call me to see if you qualify. 

We focus on three things:

  1. Celebration of Success
  2. The skills to teach safe & effective use
  3. Developing Leadership skills 
  4. Mindset and self development
  5. Strategy for future growth
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“They really are so practical and useful they come in handy for everything” 

Eleanor Ozich

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“Since starting with doTERRA my personal development has skyrocketed, I'm the healthiest i've ever been and iv'e created life long friends, the bonus is i'm seeing $$ coming in!”

Jessie Buttons

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“It has given me a new purpose to strive for independence and set the goals and future success for my own life”

Rebecca McGinty